• Elysian Park Territory
  • Barriers and Access Points
  • Zones and Attractions
  • Elevation as Resource





  • Stone Quarry Hills (1868)
  • Reserved Public Land (1884)
  • Elysian Park (1894)
  • Riverside Drive’s Lost Commercial Strip
  • Elysian Park (1928)
  • Chavez Ravine Expropriation
  • Landgrabs and Deletions
  • Historic Sites Today





  • Stadium Way Every Day
  • Trails and Signage
  • The Dodger Walk
  • Grand View Refurbishment
  • Elysian Park Extension Link
  • Confluence Greenway Link
  • Cornfield Terracing Link
  • I-110 Freeway Stack
  • I-5 Freeway Cap


Elysian Park is 618 acres of hilly, wild open space located in the heart of Los Angeles - but it is fragmented and disconnected from the city and its residents.


We propose a collection of linkages to be discussed in isolation or in combination. These initiatives need to be explored, modified and empowered by the people. If Los Angeles has the will, we can connect the park together with itself and the surrounding communities, to create a cohesive picturesque landscape truely deserving of Elysian's paradisic name.


“The park should be, as in fact it is, the one great People’s Park of Los Angeles, and should be utilized and enjoyed to the full. It ought to be the popular place for picnics. Once the people learn to go there, to feel its intimate association with their own lives, there will be no difficulty about securing large appropriations for its development and care .... But people never will use Elysian Park in this way until it is made accessible for them.”


Charles Mulford Robinson

City Planner, 1909 Municipal Art Commission

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