Los Angeles' Eysian Park is among the most beautiful places on earth.


A wild, hilly, rocky park overlooking all of Los Angeles from just above Downtown. From the Park’s many high vantage points one can see nearly all of the five county region. From Elysian Park on a clear day one can see the full length of the river. The river bends along Elysian Park, turns the corner at 5/110 interchange and heads down south to Long Beach.


All roads lead to Elysian Park and connect Elysian Park to many key neighborhoods and green spaces (or the lack thereof) in Los Angeles.


The Park is already well used, we just want to improve visitor’s experiences and improve everyone’s ability to access the park. This Study seeks to redress and repair the deletions to the park and surrounding communities.

Elysian Park Territory

Visually, it is difficult for vistors to comprehend the actual legal extent of Elysian Park. Boundaries are blurred as private properties, often highly vegetated, surround the park.


However in reality, the park stretches over 615 acres and could be considered on par with the Golden Gate Park and New York’s Central Park as a green resource – the view from Elysian is undeniably better.




Barriers and Access Points

High speed roads, dangerous intersections, fenced off private property and steep grades all contribute to dividing the park.


Many of the entrances are close to major roads like Broadway or Sunset Blvd. but these are not visually apparent nor are they easily identifiable as parts of the park.


Zones and Attractions

Elysian Park is fragmented and does not stand out as a coherent recreational space. Divided by roads and private property, the park can be described as seven disparate zones.


Elysian Park has an abundance of beautiful attractions. We want to enhance connectivity within the park to improve the experience of progressing through a sequence of attractions that can be combined and reworked at the leisure of the visitor.

Elevation as Recreational Resource

The hilly terrain of the old ravines define the character of Elysian Park with its many high and low points. The elevation dictates the current drainage pattern along with the large expanse of asphalt that surround Dodger Stadium.


The river bends along Elysian Park and on a clear day, one may see the full length of the river from one of the parks many peaks. Looking around in all directions from one of these vantage points it is possible to see nearly all of the five county region.