Downtown Community Park. 2010.

April 23, 2010




Attached is the initial proposal for our "Downtown Community Park". This is the only pdf I could find at the moment. Please forgive the incomplete diagram. it was a bad scan.


To help you with the rendering, I will list the amenities and their placement.  There are no specific dimensions at this time. I will leave that up to your imagination .


1. Lower right corner- (northwest end)- Off-leash, gated Dog Park with seats/ bleachers near the entrance on east side of fence.


2. Immediately next to dog park- ( going south)- Soccer Field.


3. Next to soccer field- (going south)- Sand Volleyball Court.


4. Next to volleyball court- (going south)- Two side-by-side outdoor basketball courts.


5. Next to basketball couts- (going south)- Rows of Bleachers.


6. Next to bleachers- ( going south)- Indoor Gymnasium- with attached rooms for offices, exercise equipment and a larger multi-purpose room. and roof-top tennis court on one/half of roof. ( Other half for air conditioning units/ solar panels/ community garden).


7. Lower left corner Kid's Play Area- one side for big kid's and the other for tiny tots. Big kid's area has swings, see-saws, etc. Small kid's area has sandbox, jumbo jim with slides, etc.


8. Next to Kid's Area- ( going south)- grassy area complete with benches and bar-b-que pits


9. Next to grass area- (going south)- Stage/ Amphitheater- with weather resistant ( covered) speakers, steps/ wheelchair accessibility, etc.


10. Centerpiece of park- "Baby City Hall" (replica)- men's and women's restrooms on either side, tall middle tower has clock on pyramid( one on all four sides), just beneath that is park guard's office ( tinted windows all around where total park observance is possible).


11. Surrounding the Tower- Walking Trail- with rest benches nearby.


12. On east side of entire park- one-sided parking lot ( cars facing west only, side-by-side).


Hope this explains it a little better. Please feel free to make any adjustments as you see fit!


Again, thanks for your continued support. I look forward to your "finished product".


General Jeff

community activist-