utopiad about utopiad.org director daveed kapoor


Daveed Kapoor has been practicing architecture in Los Angeles since 2000. Daveed has built over 50 projects, and has completed many more design commissions and speculative projects. In 2005 Kapoor founded utopiad.org, an architecture and urbanism collective focused on redressing social justice issues in Central Los Angeles, and creating space that improves the quality of people’s lives.  This work includes public space improvements like People St, commissioned by The City of LA, to transform underutilized portions of roadways to into plazas and parklets; housing projects like their newly built R1 prototype for a climate responsive home; art galleries and performance spaces including LA Dance Project and the UTA Artist Space; restaurants, nightclubs, and breweries, including Brewjeria and Common Corners; public art commissions including Kaleidoscope sidewalk park; and large scale urban speculations like their Elysian Park 2050 proposal to connect the park together with itself and the surrounding communities.



Daveed has taught design studios at Cal Poly Pomona’s Departments of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban and Regional Planning.



Kapoor is an advocate for a more sustainable future for Los Angeles, pushing for policy changes and physical improvements to our walking, biking and transit systems. He has led numerous community walks all across Los Angeles, has successfully implemented new bus stops, helped the Bus Riders Union design documents to achieve bus only lanes, and since 2012 he has served on the board of Los Angeles Walks.



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