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403 foothill road, beverly hills. 2018.

design process

existing interior

initial test fit design schemes

schematic design synthesis from plan share with ai wei wei

first plan submittal

paint stripping methods samples

brick wall base paint samples

building deemed city of beverly hills historic asset


city of beverly hills historic preservation program deemed the building of importance to the history, architecture, or culture of the area, which allowed the building department to apply the california historical building code, which let us use fire sprinklers as a substitute for 1 hour construction.


"sprinklers substitute for 1hr construction per california historical code section 8-402.2"





california's state historical building code

health and safety code, division 13, part 2.7, sections 18950-18961


18951. it is the purpose of this part to provide alternative regulations and standards for the rehabilitation, preservation, restoration (including related reconstruction), or relocation of qualified historical buildings or structures, as defined in section 18955.


18955. "qualified historical building or structure is any structure or property, collection of structures, and their related sites deemed of importance to the history, architecture, or culture of an area by an appropriate local or state governmental jurisdiction."


original building constructed 1940 for west coast diamond tool