utopiad is an architecture firm located in los angeles. we specialize in new construction and adaptive re-use places where people can gather, share, create, nourish, and rest. our goal is to create space that improves the quality of peoples lives & work toward the perfection of civilization and culture thru pragmatic practice in the present.

solutions for los angeles. utopiad is a lab for investigation into new urban forms, potential solutions, and civic experimentation. our work encompasses mixed use concepts, freeways and transit, and new ways to address density. our ideas are informed by los angeles's rich social, constructed, and natural history. our most recent effort is an elysian park linkages plan that examines the past, present, and future of elysian park & proposes a series of phased upgrades to enhance the park and enhance connections with surrounding communities.

new types of elegant density for los angeles, beautiful multi unit buildings where every one has private outdoor space. utopiad aims to create residential buildings that balance indoor and outdoor living, are ecologically responsible, and that are good neighbors to the city. thru new construction, adaptive re-use, and legalizing non-conforming dwellings, we have created over 100 units of housing in los angeles. utopiad is working to make more high quality, affordable housing that optimizes people's lives, and improves our relationship with nature and each other.

utopiad's commercial architecture portfolio contains art spaces, manufacturing, offices, retail, and hospitality projects - spaces that boost productivity and sales while inspiring creativity and innovation. our hospitality projects, including restaurants, bars, breweries, nightclubs, music venues, and banquet halls, are designed as communal meeting places. our firm is expert at navigating the often labyrinthine permitting process for commercial architecture and construction in los angeles. our economical, utilitarian aesthetic manifests the true beauty of materials and expresses structure as ornament.

we are committed to creating more public space for people in los angeles and increasing the livability and beauty of our neighborhoods. in addition to working on traditional parks & streetscape projects, utopiad has been the architect of ten parklet projects in southern california, including LA's first pilot parklets on spring street in downtown los angeles; the LADOT people st modular kit of parts for d.i.y. parklets and street plazas; prefabricated food growing garden parklets on motor avenue; and the monet avenue parklet in front of the 2% barber shop - our first parklet to provide electricity.

incorporated in 2005, utopiad.org is a collaborative led by architect daveed kapoor.

key collaborators include: anton schneider, anna piwonska, rob berry & anders bjerregaard-andersen.

contact: k(at)utopiad(dot)org   323-252-8510